Commercial/Business Litigation

Our attorneys have represented litigants in a wide variety of circumstances arising in commercial law, from disputes involving the enforceability of restrictive covenants with present and former employees or employers, to contractual claims. The firm represents both individuals and corporations ranging from local businesses to large multi-national business organizations.

In addition to regularly and successfully trying and litigating lawsuits involving these areas at the trial court level, representative appellate experience in these areas include the following:

General Medical v. Kobs (Kobs left the employment of General Medical and worked for a competitor in violation of his covenant not to compete. PJM was retained and successfully enforced the covenant not to compete.)

Lane v. Sharp Packaging Systems, Inc. (Interpretation of privilege issues concerning suit by former officer and director of corporate client concerning suit by former officer and director of corporate entity -- decisions at both Court of Appeals and Supreme Court level.)

Rainbow Country Rentals and Retail, Inc. v. Ameritech Publishing, Inc. (Reversal of prior Wisconsin Supreme Court authority holding that Ameritech Publishing’s damage limitation was unenforceable on public policy grounds.)

Contact: James T. Murray, Jr. or Terry E. Johnson in Milwaukee; Michael Crooks in Madison; and Timothy J. Pike in Libertyville or Chicago.