Divorce and Family Law

Within the firm, attorneys specialize in the area of family law matters, providing representation in divorce, custody, support, paternity and adoption cases. These attorneys have substantial experience in litigating family disputes, and in the resolution of disputes through mediation and alternative methods of dispute resolution, using collaborative and cooperative divorce philosophies.

Judy O'Connell has represented hundreds of clients in a full range of family law cases: divorce, child custody and placement, support, and paternity. She has represented husbands, wives and is regularly appointed by the courts as a guardian ad litem for children in family court cases.

In addition, attorney Judy O'Connell having completed the family mediation program through the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, is a certified family mediator. In addition to her family mediation training, she has settled hundreds of family law cases through her work as an advocate for a spouse and as a guardian ad litem for children. She can provide mediation for couples before they begin the divorce process or assist them with starting the divorce and reaching agreement on the many difficult issues they face. Mediation can be a low conflict, low cost option to choose when faced with a family law dispute. It is often an effective way to settle divorce related matters without financially and emotionally draining litigation but with the legal guidance from an experienced family law attorney.

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