Product Liability

Peterson, Johnson & Murray, S.C., defends a broad spectrum of manufacturers and distributors from local businesses to multi-national corporations. The firm has been involved in all phases of multi-district mass tort litigation, involving the defenses of alleged defects in medical and pharmaceutical products. On the national level, the firm's attorneys have been involved in the defense of toxic shock, L-tryptophan use, latex gloves, breast implants and lead paint cases.

In addition to regularly and successfully trying and litigating lawsuits involving these areas at the trial court level, representative appellate experience in this area include the following:

St. Claire Hospital of Munroe, Wisconsin v. Schmidt Garden, Erickson, Inc.(Interpretation of a settlement agreement in the context of a product liability action and analysis whether the release in the agreement also released all claims and liability for the alleged defective condition of the product at issue.)

City of Milwaukee v. N.L. Industries, Inc. (Affirmation of the jury’s findings for defendant that the evidence was sufficient to prove that defendant did not intentionally cause public nuisance in the context of damages alleged from lead paint.)

Contact: James T. Murray, Jr.